Turn Spare Change Into Real Change

HOST is a proactive and collaborative effort to move the community in Salt Lake City into a partnership with the Salt Lake City Police, the Downtown Alliance, and homeless service providers to connect homeless individuals with social services and resources. One hundred per cent of donations go to the Pamela J. Atkinson foundation and are dispersed to local homeless services providers that provide help for those that need it most.

Know where your money goes and turn "spare change into real change."

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Give at a Meter

Next time you're walking around downtown consider giving some spare change to the one of the HOST meters.


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All donations go to the Pamela J. Atkinson Foundation and are then distributed to participating homeless service providers in an effort to help those in need and stamp out homelessness.

Donate Now

Tools for Business

Businesses can help discourage panhandling and support the HOST program by utilizing resources available for businesses such as signage for parking lots or entryways, stickers for check out areas, and window clings to help educate the public about the HOST program and encouraging direct charitable giving to homeless service organizations or to the HOST program rather than directly to panhandlers.


Find services, volunteer or directly support the local organizations that are dedicated to eradicating hunger and homelessness in Salt Lake City.

For Emergency Shelter,
Contact the Coordinated Entry Hotline

Find out more about specific ways you can help those in need:
pdf10 Ways to Help

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